Murray Meds

Murray Meds

Run by a team of experienced chemists and horticulturists, Murray Meds produces top quality, Australian grown medicinal cannabis for the international and Australian market. Their priority is patient accessibility and affordability, so that any patient in need can acquire medicinal cannabis for health purposes. They aim to minimize their environmental footprint while they work and to ensure they comply with industrial quality standards.

The production process at Murray Meds is designed to comply with TGA and EU GMP medicinal cannabis standards. They consulted PharmOut in their design process, ensuring both compliance with standards and economic efficiency in growing medicinal cannabis.

Their company is now fully licensed as an Australian medicinal cannabis producer, from research to cultivation to manufacturing. Their operations are licensed by the Australian Office of Drug Control, and they are fully compliant with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961.

Murray Meds organic medicinal cannabis is grown outdoors using organic compost and fertilizers as well as regenerative farming methods.

The sunlight and outdoors creates a quality cannabis plant, ensuring longevity of the farm and minimising damage to the land. Their priority is to provide top quality medicinal cannabis to patients that have only regenerative and recuperative elements, without any disease or chemicals that could worsen health conditions.

The Murray Meds team is looking to collaborate with others in the medicinal cannabis industry. For any questions, they can be contacted through email at [email protected]​ or called at 1300 833 988.

Industry: Medical Cannabis

Sub Industry: Grower

About (30 words): Murray Meds is a full licensed grower of medicinal cannabis in Australia, but also have licenses for research and manufacturing. Their primary grow locations are based along the Murray River.

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