Sydney NSW

Cannim is a global cannabis company based in Sydney. The business was first founded by company Chair John Worton in 2017 on the principles of Safety, Science and Scale. Today, Cannim operates four brands: 

  1. Lumir = which produces a range of cannabis oils 
  2. HummingBud = which produces cannabis buds, tinctures and vapes 
  3. Glowbug Botanics = which produces CBD and hemp-derived skincare products 
  4. Hemp Beer Co = which produces gluten-free, vegan hemp beer

Their cannabis comes from two 500 acre farms. One of these is located in Jamaica, and the other is located in Queensland. Both follow EU GMP guidelines and employ people from the local area. 

Cannim currently sells products in the UK, China, Japan, Korea, Israel, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Germany, and Australia. However, some of their products (like some Glowbug Botanics products) are not sold here because of the restrictive cannabis laws. 

Industry: Medical Cannabis

About (30 words): Cannim is a global cannabis company based in Sydney with cultivation farms in Jamaica and Queenslsand.

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