Cannabis Doctors Australia

Cannabis Doctors Australia

Based in Queensland, Cannabis Doctors Australia provides patients with access to legal medical cannabis. They were founded to equip doctors and patients with the necessary knowledge and guidance needed throughout the process of acquiring medical cannabis products for treatment.

Their Australian-registered doctors are trained and experienced in prescribing legal medical cannabis products. As one of the leading providers of Australian medical cannabis consultations, their prescription process and clinical advice are compliant with all applicable Australian laws.

Patients registering with Cannabis Doctors Australia will first receive an info pack with details on how to apply for medical cannabis and what documentation is required throughout the process. Consultations are available in person at their clinics, with Australia-wide telehealth services available to those who are out of travel range. The assigned doctor will formulate a personalised management plan for patient treatment, including appropriate dosage, goals, side effects and potential benefits.

Cannabis Doctors Australia also distributes products to pharmacies through CanView. Their products are GMP certified, lab tested, HACCP certified and 100% vegan. Doctors can also refer to them as a resource for prescribing medical marijuana.

Their clinics are in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. Both patients and healthcare providers can enquire through their website contact form for more information.

Industry: Medical Cannabis

Sub Industry: Service Provider

About (30 words): Cannabis Doctors Australia specialise in onboarding new patients to cannabis prescriptions and assisting new doctors looking to move into the medical cannabis industry.

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